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The main aim to start this website is to provide the best quality information. Nowadays online information is available, but it is not enough for a few people. Sometimes information is not correct online. So you can use mjkr.org to cross-check the information which is available online regarding trending topics.

On this portal, we collect information from various sources. Sometimes we get incorrect information from any genuine source. So we requested you cross-check this information from other web portals and government portals. We are not responsible for any type of wrong information or any type of harm.

We are not liable for any type of claim from anyone. All the material and content that we produce is taken from various use portals newspapers and social media platforms. We do not take any type of responsibility for any type of loss to anyone due to information that we provided on mjkr.org.

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Before providing any type of personal information, paying online, or booking online, always cross-check our information with the official website of that department or government website. We are not responsible for any type of claim.

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In case we found any type of content like written content or picture, on any other website, then we take legal action against that website under the corporate policy act. For any type of query or question you can visit our contact us page.

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